Nozzle Review

I have used almost every SEO tool out there, and finding Nozzle was a welcome event! I especially love the Keyword groups that allow me to track keywords on different schedules and precise locations. The amount of granular data is astounding in tracking all aspects of a site’s rankings. What separates Nozzle from the rest is the attention to Competitive metrics. When I run a report for a client, I am able to input the domain and Nozzle will locate the relevant Brand Pages found online, then I just select to add them to the tracking Project. For youtube channels, Nozzle will locate and import the videos also, making it easy to track rankings for all Brand aspects. I am very much looking forward to this feature which is on the Roadmap, the Competitor’s Ranking Comparison Table., giving a quick view of your site’s rankings in comparison to your competitors for each keyword chosen. The support I received was immediate and very helpful. I do recommend watching the walk though video to train on the many aspects that the software offers. You can purchase Nozzle, the best SEO tool at this link (not an affiliate link) Nozzle also has many integrations including:
Business Intelligence
  • Datarama
  • Report Garden
  • API
  • Big Query
  • CSV
Ease of use and data compilation make Nozzle a great choice for any company needing ranking and competitor information to make better SEO decisions.
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